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Boost Inviting
  • Boost Inviting In 4 Easy Ways! Learn how easy it is to invite Visitors using BNI Connect & BNI Connect Mobile! Take a look at the four different ways you can invite Visitors by watching this step-by-step video tutorial:
BNI Leadership Team Training
The BNI Leadership Team Term begins October 1st each year. During August and September, we host Chapter Success Trainings which are trainings for each of the Leadership Team Roles. Visit the BNI Chapter Success Training Resources page for training regarding each leadership team role. 
New Member Resources
Welcome to BNI! In addition to the resources below, go to the Events Calendar on this website to find an upcoming Virtual Member Success Program!
  • New BNI Members, we encourage you to go to the Welcome BNI Website for resources!
6 Tools to Grow Your Business
Grow your business by growing your referral team. Here are some recommended growth programs to help you increase your referral network! Choose one or more of the following support programs to help you reach your goals in building your referral team:
1. Master Connector Minute
Each week spend 60 seconds during your Chapter Meeting intentionally inviting to support next week’s Featured Speaker. Add the Master Connector Minute PowerPoint slide to your Weekly Chapter Meeting PowerPoint before Announcements. 
2. BNI Ride The Wave
Participating in the BNI Ride the Wave Program this summer will lead to referrals and growth in the fall! Compete for awards as you help your referral team and build your business! 
3. BNI Gold Club
Participating in the BNI Gold Club can dramatically increase your profitability in BNI. Learn more by following the link below!
4. Business Networking Event
Hosting a Business Networking Event is easy! Follow the Business Networking Event Manual step-by-step for success! 
5. Non-Profit Scholarship
The BNI Regional Office is excited to offer one scholarship to a local Non-Profit Organization per BNI Chapter. What could be better then giving back to the community while growing your referral team? Complete details: 
6. BNI Game
Host a BNI Game to create a 4- to 6-week friendly competition amongst teams! Have fun growing your business. 

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