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The BNI Foundation

The mission of the BNI Foundation is to create a conduit between Business and Education to meet children's educational needs.

The two major programs of the BNI Foundation include the Business Voices™ Initiative and our Givers Gain™ Grant Program. Since its inception in 1998, the BNI Foundation has raised over $3 million for charities globally. 


Business Voices™

The BNI Foundation has a long, proud legacy of helping out where schools have needed extra funding for projects not provided for by school districts or state funding. A pivotal factor of our philanthropic work was the creation of the Business Voices™ initiative to provide even more to the schools which have with the greatest needs. 

Our initiative pairs BNI members and concerned, engaged and motivated corporations, service clubs and community groups with schools and educational organizations to help them find the resources they need to have maximum impact on the kids of our communities.

BNI is Ground Zero for this initiative, which is rapidly expanding to include many collaborative partners. Within the Business Voices movement, we agree that BNI represents our rally cry: Bureaucracy Not Involved!

Support looks different depending on what the schools or educational organizations identify as their greatest challenges. In some communities, poverty is one of the top challenges. Kids need food to eat or socks and underwear to wear! In other communities, it may be bullying, eating disorders, or alcohol use. That is why we recommend listening to what the schools, and even the students, identify as their unique challenges. Wherever there are young people, there are ways they will benefit from having us in their stories.

We call this work cause networking — and who better to lead the way with cause networking than the world’s largest, most successful networking organization?

Listen to BNI Podcast Episode #625 to learn more about cause networking! 


How To Get Involved

Contact the BNI Regional Office to learn how you and your BNI Chapter can get involved! In BNI Oregon & SW Washington, we support our local community through completing projects and volunteering.

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Previous Projects

December Clothing Drive

BNI Oregon & SW Washington collected gently used business clothing for students who could not afford to purchase professional work attire in Oregon! All donations were donated to Young Entrepreneurs Business Week (YEBW)!



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