BNI University

Introducing BNI University—a new online training program!

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Through BNI University, BNI Members have easy access to all of BNI's educational information and training content in one single platform—available anywhere, anytime.

BNI University provides BNI Members and Director Consultants with the tools and resources they need to be the most successful in BNI.

BNI Members can access BNI University online at or through the BNI University App, available for Android and iOS


BNI University Includes...

- 24/7 Access to Educational and Training Content

- Podcasts & Webinars

- Access to Downloadable Documents

- Global & Regional Leaderboard 

- Desktop & Mobile Application 

- BNI University Profile 


How To Log Into BNI University

Once you become a member of BNI Oregon & SW Washington and are entered into BNI Connect, you will be given access to BNI University within 24 hours.

For your first log-in, go to on your desktop. Use the same BNI Connect email address with temporary password 123456. After you set up a new password, you'll be able to log into the BNI University App, available for Android and iOS.


How To Use BNI University

Unsure how to use BNI University? Don't worry, there is a free online training course that will guide you! 

Find the Course by logging into BNI University. Go to "Training" > "Courses" > Then, search "How to Use BNI University"



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